HI EVERYONE! My name is Sabrina and this is my official website SabrinaBlond.com! I want to become famous internet model so BADLY!!! It looks fun and I want people to notice me! My site is all about ME and what I like to do. I'm up for just about anything and I never get tired of trying new things in front of the camera. I have some crazy sex fantasies I want to explore and share with you... so join me now, you will be glad you did!
Naughty sex slave Sabrina Blond gets ball-gagged, handcuffed then spanked hard and butt-fucked!! Hottie Sabrinka certainly enjoys being spanked until her ass is a deep pink color, but she enjoys a monstrous 15 inch cock in her ass even more ;-)
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Wanna see my home-made shaving video? I love to keep my tight pussy all shaved and smooth and I usually shave after taking a hot bath. This time I wanted to fondle my entirely bald pussy after the procedure so I used my toothbrush as it was the only toy avaliable!
  RunTime: 13:33 Photos: 106 Rating:  3.1 (253 votes)
this morning i was brushing my teeth after shower half-naked when suddenly my roommate entered the bathroom! he was angry that I occupy the bathroom for too long! maybe that's why he fed me his cock and then punished me anally :-o
  RunTime: 20:01 Photos: 207 Rating:  4.4 (450 votes)
Me & my friend X went for a massage. I didn't warn her that my massage therapist Max has a body and a huge cock on him like she wouldn't believe. When he oiled us up X got really horny and offered me a helping mouth on Max's huge cock! ;-)
  RunTime: 24:48 Photos: 299 Rating:  5.0 (132 votes)
Frankly speaking, i'm a bad swimmer and I usually use a swim ring, but recently my friend Caprice gave me her inflatable swimming pillow so I could use it in the pool.. Love this product! It's so multifunctional! Play the video if you want to see how I'm using it!
  RunTime: 15:30 Photos: 156 Rating:  5.0 (122 votes)
I like improvisation and unexpected outdoor sex. It's a good way to spice up the sex life! (Well, I know there is nothing very extreme about garden sex but my other secret sex desires are sex the top of a mountain and sex in the wild jungles!!!)
  RunTime: 21:14 Photos: 269 Rating:  4.9 (144 votes)
i lost a card game to Max so i bought a bottle of champagne & came to his house to give him his sex reward.. i didn't know that his friend was there too! i felt confused at first but it was a good chance to find out if two cocks are really better than one!
  RunTime: 24:20 Photos: 342 Rating:  4.8 (176 votes)
My friend Little Caprice came around last week with some brunette babe and we decided to take a sunbath in my back yard... naked :-P If you don't already know Caprice you need to know she's always up to something crazy!
  RunTime: 19:57 Photos: 386 Rating:  4.8 (212 votes)
I am just a sexy girl with sexy desires and i'm always ready to new adventures like... hooking up with a random stranger in gym! seriously, how could i resist a cute muscle guy who promised to teach me how make my work-out even more intense?
  RunTime: 21:16 Photos: 208 Rating:  4.7 (186 votes)
M. spitted in my ass, worked it up there with his fingers and rammed the head of his huge-sized cock my poor tiny asshole. i knew there were another 9 inches to go and thought this thing is going to tear me to pieces but i loved every second of it!
  RunTime: 20:11 Photos: 284 Rating:  4.9 (162 votes)
Wanna know what turns me on? I love the feeling of some monster cock stretching my tight pussy to it's limits, i love doing Pussy-To-Mouth, Ass-to-Mouth, and i love tough leather guys and bikes! And I enjoy being dominant and submissive sometimes too.
  RunTime: 21:34 Photos: 272 Rating:  4.6 (222 votes)
I've recently read an article about how having a dog can help with meeting guys so I borrowed a cute English bulldog from my friends and went to a dog park for a hunt ;-) The hunt was VERY successful! This was my 1st interracial adventure i will never forget.
  RunTime: 26:02 Photos: 393 Rating:  4.9 (210 votes)
We were playing soccer when it started raining and we jumped into the pool since we got wet anyways. I couldn't resist Caprice perky tits and started licking a sucking on her puffy nipples & then we had had a blast smearing each other with chocolate!
  RunTime: 18:55 Photos: 236 Rating:  4.8 (111 votes)
It was 30C and i got so f*cking hot i had to take all my clothes off. There is little a girl can do when there's no cock or a sex toy available but, fortunately, i know A LOT of ways to pleasure myself with my fingers and i can take care of my pussy like I want!
  RunTime: 12:15 Photos: 151 Rating:  4.9 (229 votes)
There's nothing more exciting than an intense boxing work-out when i can box until i break out a good sweat and strip out of my sports wear. And after that i just keep on boxing NAKED :-P If you have a sports fetish you will enjoy this scene!
  RunTime: 11:11 Photos: 151 Rating:  4.8 (222 votes)
I'm a little bit crazy about staying in fit: every week I go to the pool, do aerobics and workout in the local gym! i frequently photograph myself to see my progress & you will find these pictures in my members' area. XOXO Sabrinka
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i was in the toilet room at my friend's house and i got sooooo horny, i can't discribe. i realized that i had no dildo and no dick in hand, but I did have a lollipop ;-) so if you want to see a horny blond teen masturbating with a sweet lollipop - play this video now!
  RunTime: 13:53 Photos: 152 Rating:  4.5 (333 votes)
If I wasn't a model I'd probably be a striptease dancer. The only thing i don't like about exotic dancing is that fake tits is a must for any girl in this industry. I'm 100% natural & don't wanna get a boob job... so i'm dancing striptease for my members!
  RunTime: 12:32 Photos: 168 Rating:  4.8 (296 votes)
Wanna watch petite blond teen taking a hot shower and masturbating? Im getting very wild in this video as i'm fingering myself until i'm horny & then toying my wet-dripping shaved pussy with my favorite blue toy! Download this video - you'll be glad you did!
  RunTime: 15:31 Photos: 144 Rating:  4.9 (221 votes)
Wanna massage the chocolate all over my petite body, then lick it SLOWLY off my little titties and pussy? I promise, it will be the most tasty dessert you've had the pleasure of eating and, maybe, I will let you play with my clit and my hard nipples for a while!
  RunTime: 10:23 Photos: 133 Rating:  4.1 (191 votes)
i bought this pink strap-on several days ago because i wanted a kinky sex toy for my naughty girlfriends (and, maybe, even boyfriends he-he :)) it's extremely comfortable with soft pink leather & i promise to use it in my next hardcore scene!
  RunTime: 20:25 Photos: 134 Rating:  4.9 (230 votes)
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